Abernathy Document

Ann Mosely Power of Attorney
26 Jan 1790

Know all men by these Presents that I, Anne Mosely of the County of Union and the State of So. Carolina for Divers considerations and good causes we hereunto moveing have made ordained constituted and appointed by these presents do make ordain constitute and appoint my trusty son Baxter Mosley in the county aforesaid my true and Lawful Attorney for me in my name and to my use to ask Demand Recover or Receive all my Right of Legacy of my Father David Abernathys Estate Late Deceasd in Dinwiddie County in Virginia of or from any Person or Persons who Shall or may have the same in possession and by these presents granting to my sd. Attorney my sole and full Power and Authority to take perform and follow Such Legal courses for the Recovery Receiving and attaining of the same as I myself might or could Do as one I personally present and upon the receipt of the same acquitances and other Sufficient Discharges from and in my Name to make Sign Seal and Deliver as also one or more attorney or attorneys under him to substitute or appoint and again at his pleasure to revoke (?) and further to do perform Execute and finish for me and in my Name all Singular thing or things which shall or may be Necessary as touching and concerning the Primices (?) fully thoroughly and Entirely as I the Sd anne Mosely in my own Person Ought or could do in and about the same Notifying allowing and comfirming whatever my Sd Attorney Shall Lawfully do or cause to be done in Witness whereof I have hereunto set my had and Seal this 26th day of January one thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety and in the fourteenth year of the American Independency.

Ann A Mosely
Signed Sealed and Delivered in the Presence off -
James P______[Parnell?]
James Mabry

State of S. Carolina )
Union County      }    This day came Mrs. Ann Mosley[     ] power of Attorney for the [    ] & purposes therein [      ] given [    ] this Twentysixth Day of Jany 1790 John Henderson
I certify that John Henderson is a justice of the peace for the county of Union and that all due faith & R----- Ought to be give to his certificate given under my hand & the seal of the County at Office this Twenty seventy day of Jany 1790 [Kirk?] Mitchell

Translation provided by Margaret Ogilvie from copy found amongst the David Abernathy collection of papers in the Library of Virginia.