Assorted Abernathy Photos

Arranged by Family

From the branch of a probable brother of the 3rd Robert, David Abernathy (cir 1705-1784) and Ann Lyles of Dinwiddie County VA:
James R. Abernathy 1795-1886, a son of Blackstone Abernathy & Elizabeth Locke of VA; a son of David Abernathy of Lunenburg Co. VA John Townes Abernathy 1799-1869 and his 2nd wife, Eliza Josephine Wright 1819-1895, his son James William Abernathy (& wife); Agnes Ann Abernathy Ragland, a daughter of Lunenburg C. Abernathy & Elizabeth Clagett Abernathy abt 1802-1852; George Anders Abernathy 1831-1901, a son of Hardaway T. Abernathy & Martha E. Barnes; with wife, Amanda Ellen Harlan 1838-1880; and Rose Abernathy Murray 1860-1946, a daughter of Lunenburg Abernathy & Eleanor Smith Abernathy 1829-1876.

    From the branch of the eldest son of the 3rd Robert Abernathy, of VA:
Berry C. Abernathy 1880-1967, a son of John Abernathy & Permelia Neal of TN.
Ruth Abernathy Jordan, a great-grandaughter of Sterling Gibb Abernathy & Elizabeth Carol Ware, of MS.

    From the branch of the second son of the 3rd Robert Abernathy, of VA:
John Embrose Abernathy 1842-1914, a gr-grandson of John Abernathy Sr & Lucy Unknown, of TN. Frances Elivira Harwell 1847-1893, wife of John Embrose Abernathy.
William Harvey Abernathy 1859-1936, a gr-grandson of Joshua Abernathy & "Betsy" Hutchins, of NC. Pearl Leigh Abernathy Brantley 1894-1973, a daughter of William Harvey Abernathy.

    From the branch of the third son of the 3rd Robert Abernathy, of VA:
Robert Laban Abernethy 1822-1894, a son of Turner Abernethy & Fronica Whitener of NC, Methodist Clergyman & Educator, founder of Rutherford College of NC, a son Logan Berge Abernethy 1865-1950, another son William Ellis Abernethy 1860-1936, and a grandson, Charles Laban Abernethy 1872-1955, US Congress, House of Representatives for NC, and Ivey Lee Abernathy 1907-1989, a gr-grandson of Robert Laban Abernethy's next brother, Logan Benjamin Abernethy & his wife Catharine Jarrett.

    From the branch of Miles Abernathy & Ursula Bradshaw, of NC:
Seth Abernathy 1811-1899 (with wife Elizabeth Bradshaw), a son of Nathan Abernathy & Eve Cline, of GA; Zepheniah Abernathy 1831-1916 & 1st wife Susanna Atkinson, a son of Nathan & Eve Cline Abernathy; Darius Abernathy d 1904, a son of Nathan & Eve Cline Abernathy; and Bardy Larkin Abernathy 1827-1914, a son of Nathan & Eve Cline Abernathy; John Franklin Abernathy 1843-1930, a son of Seth Abernathy & Elizabeth Bradshaw, & wf Joicy McGhee; and Lee Roy Abernathy 1913-1993, a noted Gospel Singer and songwriter.

    From the branch of David Wilson Abernathy & Ruth Vance, of AL: Ada and
George Thomas Abernathy
1863-1935, a great-grandson. and his grandson, Charles E Abernathy 1920-2007, with wife Martha.

    From the branch of Thomas Abernethy & Electra Smith, of Ontario:
Colonel Alonzo Abernethy 1836-1915, a son of Jehiel Abernethy & Anna Mary Ettinger of IA

    From the branch of Hugh Abernathy (c. 1743-1826), from Ireland:
a grandson (with wife) William Perry Abernathy 1840-1906, a gr-grandson Edward Stonecker Abernathy, with wife, Bessie Mae Murray, a gr-gr-grandson Charles Edward Abernathy 1914-2003; and a gr-grandson Robert A. Abernathy 1898-1963.

    From the branch of William Abernethy & Sarah Samuels, from Ireland:
John Summerville Abernethy , a son of William Abernethy & Emily Susan Summerville; Nancy Ann Creath Abernethy, John Summerville's wife; and Samuel Hunter Abernethy, a son of Samuel Abernethy & Maria Saunders and nephew of John Summerville Abernethy.

    From the branch of John Abernathy & Rhoda Davis, of SC:
Richard Edward Abernethy 1893-1955, a gr-grandson of Chesley Abernathy & Mary Collier.

    From an as yet unknown branch
George Abernethy 1807-1877, First Provisional Govenor of Oregon.