Abernathy Document

Synopsis of Some Colonial Records for
Robert Abernathy & Cubishe
in Charles City County, VA

1652 (2 Aug) Robert Ebernethell [Abernethy] mentioned in land grant to Robert West
1656 (21 Apr) Robt. Abernathy produced disbursments & charges for Geo. Armstrong's 1258 lbs. of tobbaco
1656 (20 Nov) George Cubbidge [Cubishe] & Patrick Jackson witness to land transfer by Richard Jones to Morgan Jones
1656 (26 Apr) Andrew Armstrong was ordered to pay to and secure to Robert Abernathie 2186 lbs. of tobacco.
1657 (3 Apr) Court order proves marriage between Robert Abernathy & Sara Cubishe & dower for daughter: recorded 25 Apr 1657, Charles City County Court Orders, 1655-1658, page 98.
1657 (25 Jun) Patrick Jackson sells George Cubishe 100 acres (Not recorded until 23 Aug 1662). Land was near Robert Abernathy's 100 acres.
1657 (16 Oct) there is an order to pay Robert Abernathie for 5 days work.
1658 (12 May) Robert Abernathy was ordered to pay to Capt. Thos. Staggs for the Estate of George Armstrong, deceased, 340lbs. of tobacco due by bill.
1661 (5 Oct) Patrick Ramsey was bound to Robert Abernathy until aged 21.
1662 (13 May) a memo said that James Wallace had received full satisfaction from Robert Abernethy of the cattle that hehad in his custody pertaining to Patrick Ramsey, orphan.
1662 (13 May) Robert Abernethy sat on a coroners jury to determine the death of a man belonging to Theodorick Black, Esq., drowned.
1664 (4 Feb) Patrick Jackson sold adjoining land Robert Abernathy.
1665 (7 Mar) Robert Abernathy granted 100 acres(Patent Bk.5, p567) in Charles City County, Va. on the south side of the James River.
1665 (8 May) Robert Abernathy sat on coroners jury with Thos. Parham.
1683 (20 Nov) Abernathy mentioned in grant to Col William Hill, Charles City County, 980-1/2 acs. Chas. City Co., Westover Par., on S. side of James River
1685 (3 Feb) Attachment to Ben Foster against Estate of Robert Abernathy for 200 lbs. of tobacco.


Transcribed by Elizabeth Ferguson