Abernathy Document

Miles D. Abernathy
2 Mar. 1853
Lincoln Co., NC

WB 3/97 (Raleigh Loose Papers, CR060.801.1, Miles D. Abernathy)

In the name of God, Amen.
I Miles D. Abernathy considering the uncertainty of mortal life, and being of sound and proper mind and memory - blessed be God for the same - make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following, to viz.
This the 2nd day of march 1853
1st I will and bequeath to my natural son David the following Negroes - Hart, Lisey & Munroe and Liseys two youngest children - Harriet and Aley -
2nd I give and bequeath to my natural son Luther three Negroes, viz. Mark, Vicey, and Alexander -
3rd I give and bequeath to my natural son Milton L. Abernathy after paying all my just debts - funeral expenses &c to have all the balance of my property not otherwise disposed of viz. lands, Negroes, stock of every description, household and kitchen furniture together with all debts that may be due to me.
4th I consider that I have given Asenath Davenport, Lina Henderson, Eliza Johnson, Susan Saddler, Sidney Abernathy and John P. Abernathy their full and equitable portions of all by whole estate.
5th This my will and testament & I do hereby revoke all former wills made by me and make this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed by seal.
I hereby appoint & constitute Wesley Davenport and John P. Abernathy executors of my last will and testament. Miles D. Abernathy Jas. F. Johnston
A. W. Abernathy
State of North Carolina, Lincoln County} July Sessions 1867. The foregoing will was offered for probate and duly proven by the oath of Jas. F. Johnston a subscribing witness & admitted to record.
Witness W. R. Clark, Clk.


Transcribed by Elizabeth Ferguson