Abernathy Document

Last Will & Testament of
Frederick Abernathy
19 Dec 1816

Transcription & extract found in an on-line database and credited to "Ginny" Keefer (a Descendant).

Will from Brunswick County, Virginia, Frederick Abernathy, after he gives his soul back to the Almighty God and his just debts paid,etc.

Items: I lend to my beloved wife Millie during her life or widowhood the Tract of land where I now live at which time i give the said land to my son Matther Abernathy to him and his heirs forever and it is my desire that my daughters sandal and Mason shall have the privilege of living in the said land while they live single.

Items: I give to my daughter, Sandal, One white cow and calf, one ewe,nd(land?can't decipher) one feather bed and furniture and one chest.

Items : I lend to my wife Milley all stock of all kinds and all the household and kitchen and plantation unensils during her life or widowhood.

Item: I give unto the children I had by my first wife one dollor each.

Item: At the death of my wife, I give all the remainder of my Estate that is not given way to my son, Matthew, and my daughter Mason to be equally divided between them and my Will and desire is that my estate shall be appraised . I also appoint and ordain my son Matthew, Executor to this my Last will and Testament revoking all former wills. In witness whereof o have hereunto set my hand and affirmed my seal this 19th day of December 1816.

Frederick (x) Abernathy
John Sutler
Lewis Connelly

Brunswick County Court May term 1819
This last Will and Testament thereto I order to be Recorded . And in the motion of Matthew Abernathy, the executor therein named, who made otha . thereof according to the law and together with Lewis Connelly and the penalty of two thousand dollors Conditioned as the Law directs, Certificate in granted him for attending a probate thereof in due form.
Teste: A. Turnbull, CBC