In Which Robert Abernathie is Paid for Five Days Work

9 November 1657

At a Co'rt held at mer'chts hope 9ber. 18: 1657...Ordered that 47 lb tobbo per pol be forthw'th levied and recd by the sherr of every tytheable person in this Com and payd as fol vidzt...

Robert Abernathie for 5 dayes worke 050

[This was the least amount paid of any of 33 people listed, other amounts mostly around 400, and the highest being 2650.]


Fleet, Beverly, Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Volume III, p. 189 (Charles City County Court Orders, 1655-1657): 1988 Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, Maryland, originally published in 1937 and 1949 by mimeograph. Reproduced on Family Archive CD #503 (Genealogical Records: Colonial Virginia Records, 1600s-1700s).

Transcribed by Margaret Ogilvie