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p. 98. to the wor'll Com'rs of Charles City Com at the Co'rt at Westov'r the 3rd of Apr 1657...

p.98. These presents witnes that I Robt Abernethy Do consent and agree the my now wife Sara Abernethy do make over to her child Sara Cubishe one cow called Goodluck and a heyfer called Browne and another heyfer called Jug to remaine for the use and good of the child, and if it please God to call this child by death when the next child to succeed heire to its sister, And this we desire to be recorded in Co'rt wittnes our hands this 3d of Aprill 1657

Robt x Abernathie, Sara x Abernathie her m'k.

Ack in Court same date. Rec 25 Apr. 1657

Fleet, Beverly, Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Volume III, p. 183 (Charles City County Court Orders, 1655-1657 p. 98): 1988 Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, Maryland, originally published in 1937 and 1949 by mimeograph. Reproduced on Family Archive CD #503 (Genealogical Records: Colonial Virginia Records, 1600s-1700s).

Transcribed by Margaret Ogilvie



Transcribed by Margaret Ogilvie