Abernathy Document

A Lift of the Prifoners of War, who are Officers in Commiffion, in Cuftody of the Marfhal-General.

as Ordered by the Parliament, That this Lift be forthwith Printed and Publifhed.,
signed Hen: Scobell, Cleric, Parliament.
Original printing 9 September, 1651 by John Field, Printer to the Parliament of England
Transcribed & arranged for Internet display by Elizabeth Ferguson
©2007. For personal research only, all rights reserved.

The names that follow were commisioned officers from the Battle of Worcester, which took place on September 3rd, 1651. Duke Hamilton refused medical attention from any but a Scottish Physician and died in custody shortly after the battle. It is estimated that of the 16,000 strong Scots Army, 3,000 were killed on the battlefield, between 7 to 10 thousand captured on the battlefield, and most of the remainder shortly thereafter as they fled. An estimated 2 to 6 thousand prisoners were deported to Colonial possessions in the New World, to work as forced labor. We are still searching for another alleged official government list, rumored to be those actually deported to the North American mainland colonies in the hopes that it will inform us of individual destinations.

Robert Earl of Carnwarth William Keith Alexander Keeth Iohn Macklord Thomas Orchat Thomas Reddiman
Duke Hamilton wounded George Gordon Roy Movate Laughan Shaw Alex: Ogleby Iames Dormond
Alex. Earl of Kelley George Finchinmouty   Alex: Macomzy Andr: Macdowgal George Gall
John Lord Synclare John Rofs Lieutenants to Horfe Iohn Hofkirk William Clark Io: Fulton
Sir John Packington William Dunbar   Penald Mackemzy Iames Anderfon Io: Hamilton
  James Keith William Hay Iohn Munroe Io: Hamilton Iames Rigg
   General Officers Adam Colvin Will: Montgomery Robert Munroe Robert Armftrong Pat Kilmany
  David Lyon Iams Lockhart Walter Lutherland Iames Hafting David Crag
M. General Petticotty Pat Murray Alex: Calender Iohn Rofs Ia: Iohnfton Andrew Iohnfton
Major General Montgomery Archibald Elliot Iohn Montray Iohn Moor William Clark Jefper Nafh
James Wyns Gentleman of Jo: Balentine Io: Kerr Lawrence Caddel William Carnes  
     the Ordanance James Stewart Adam Bellenden Robert Watfon      Quarter-mafters
Archbald Waddal Adjuntant Gen. Goerge Askin Iames Wilfon Robert Corfer    Enfigns  
     of the Foot Archibald Calvin wounded Iohn Wilkin William Gray   Charls Hill
Martial Gen: White James Englifli wounded Peter Cochran Iohn Gray James Reddoch Iohn Hamilton
Sam. Foffet, Enginere James Bruce wounded Andrew Meldrum Pan: Munroe Iames Ruffel William Davidfon
  James Arnot Io: Kokley William Forfyth Alex Dempflter Iames Edmunfton
   Colonels to Horfe: Gerrerd Erwin William Dowglas Iohn Froter William Rofs Iames Sprir
  Andrew Blayer wounded Octher Cambel Will: Drummond William Sutherland William Forbes
Col: William Hurrey wounded Jofeph Herenot Walter Sibbett Iames Bennet Daniel Gibfon Ochter Dambar
Col: William Keith Thomas Johnfton wounded Hugh Craig Iams Davis Iohn Vaffe Alex: Murehead
Col: John Chifhallum Jo: Morifon Peter Harrald Iames Seers Henry Olyphant Io: Bizet
Earl of Rothes Colonel to Horfe Archibald Calvin Io: Iohnaon William Freskin Alex. Reddoch Iohn Krublow
Lodowick Dramond wounded James Bruce Charles Cambel Iohn Livigfton Alexander Hay Io: Lawfon
Colonel Bendbow John Hume George Tanton Iohn Keir Iohn Murehead Io: Macgie
Colonel Graves Jo: Hay Patric Cocburn William Stewart Alexander Iohnfon Alex: Henderfon
Sir Tho: Urquart   Thomas Alexander Iohn Abernathy Robert Grevife Andrew Baltoe
John Butler Colonel Reformade    Captains to Foot Lieu: Hamilton Archibold Reed Iames Wood George Seaton
Sir Tho: Thompfon, no charge   David Seaton Robert Douglas George Abernethy Iames Hannay
Tho: Hame Reformado Patrick Gordon Iames Weirr Iohn Munroe Iohn Mumes Iohn Ramfay
George Keeth Andrew Hey William Lockhart William Watfon Iohn Buchanan Mathew Bacbrie
James Turner George Graham Iohn Brown Iohn Hifton George Roffe Andrew Horn
Sir Alexander Forbes James Oliphant Adam Weere Io: Englifh Hugh Munroe William Maxwell
  Francis Panton George Scot Renold Bene David Roffe Mungoe Beron
Colonels to Foot Captain Fyn Patrick Sherswood William Ellicot Patrick Elliot Thomas Carie
  Alexander Foster Iohn Caflayres Robert Kinard Io: Cowan Io: Boker
Colonel Sir George Douglas John Smith Robert Farcher Walter Movate Nicholas Erral George Reid
Col: Turner John Ker Iacob Van Halft Jo: Grahame Iames Graham Thomas Frayer
Colonel Freskin James Gilbert Archibold Shaw Robert Nichol Alexander Forreft Frederick Iohnfon
Lord Spyn Colonel Archibald Stewart Io: Ramfie Lieutenant to James Hume Iames Murray Thomas Wilfon
Col: Boza of Dragoons James Keith      Dragoons   Iohn Iackfon William Skeyn
Sir James Graham Robert Sterton Thomas Kerr    Cornets of Horfe Iohn Reach Gilbert Knight
  Adam Gurdon Iohn Manypenney   Patrick Jimes David Piggot
   Lieu: Colonels to Horfe Patrick Lindsley Io: Lurwych Alex: Anderfon Walter Roffe Iohn Crefton
  Robert Forbes Hugh Douglas Robert Steven Farcher Machmein William Ingram
Thomas Kenedy James Englifh George Scot George Hume Iohn Bayn Iames Ramfey
John Lefly George Leffels Robert Fletcher John Gerfhore Kerce Urchart Iohn Laird
John Fowler Henry Brown Adam Wear James Benin Thomas Urchart Hugh Ray
Gilbert Chambel Alexander Harriot William Blayer William Seaton Alexander Machie Walter Watfon
James Forbes      Waggon-Mafter General Io: Hamilton Thomas Forreft Auguftine Mackie Iame Gabreth
Sir David Ogleby Captain Brown George Robertfon Cornet Stewart Iohn Tomfon Io: Moor
George Montgomery Arthur Dilgarno Men: Maigee James Ofwel Iames Wartlaw Io: Hay
Jo: Scot Robert Johnfon Robert Parefey James Marfhal Daniel Mackotter Rob: Kirkpitrick
Ja: Ogleby Refarmado William Jawyn Io: Patterfon George Tramle John Macktarfow Alexander King
  James Stewart Henry Savage James Grahame George Strauchan Iohn Weer
   Lieutenant Col: to Foot George Fourbarn Iohn Crawford Edmond Armftrong Andrew Keir Charls Pot
  James Blackwater Iames Keeth John Forbes Io: Kellie Geo: Abercrumbie
Lieu: Col: Lundy Mark Carr Thomas Iohnfton Robert Fraffop George Bruce Iohn Macanleys
Lieu Col. Hudfon Henry Shaw   Hugh Cambel Iohn Wach William Macanleys
Alexander Monroe Francis Agnew    Lieutenants of foot William Ford Iohn Walter Thomas Dowglas
George Keeth William Brothwick   Colin James Alex: Gilpatrick Thomas Bayly
Robert Cambet William Lawfon Arthur Forbes J. Car Alex: Dixon Iohn Fifher
James Alexander Alexander Munroe David Ramfey Jo: Blackwel Numan Graham David Cowter
George Forbes George Buchanan Lieu: Robertfon Jo: Paxton William Fergufon Roe Taylor
Alexander Bruce James Baclzy William Ginn Jo: Crawle William Englifh Patrick Gray
Majors of Horfe Patrick Monteith David Smart Gilbert Gryer George Angus William Tomfon
James Lefly George Garner Andrew Tyry Robert Scott Thomas Ircharr Iames Dundas
Thomas Wemps James Hamilton Robert Freskin James Leflie Iames Huppo Iohn Marec
MajorBarclay Alexander Stewart Archibald Garn Alexander Hay William Walker Iohn Hamilton
Andrew Kerr Matthew Hamilton Iohn Cant George Watfon Patrick Honiman Iohn Graham
James Mercier Alexander Kinkade Rory Mackeinzy George Lindfey Robert Fithie Patrick Stewart
Hugh Crawford Thomas Freskin William Watfon Robert Melven Iames Brown William Wilkin
David Lumfdale fore wounded John Mackemzy Gilbert Montireif Robert Martyn Hugh Black Ed: Ryland
Chriftopher Wormeffey Adjutant Hector Mackemzy William Pacirly Walter Murray David Wilfon Io: Falconer
  Alexander Graham Robert Lindfey Alex: Shomifh Alex: Blackwater Io: Hamilton
    Majors of Foot Robert Minnes Robert Dundas Alex: Hannay Thomas Tweedy Io Wood
  Alexander Benn Francis Sincle James Leflie Iohn Chambers Io: Kemedie
Auguft Macklaed George Pringle Angus Badzy Jo: Leflie Alexander Frayer Iames Wilkie
Major Borthwick Robert Mackemzy Iohn Cambel William Rauton Iohn Ninimo William Mackadam
James Law Robert Monroe Rory Kennedy Cornet Frayer Angus Frafter Francis Ierwin
William Belford John Mackemzy Iohn Stewart David Gawyn Iohn Macleyn Martin Luine
John St Michel to Dra: Alexan: Fergnfon Edward Lizard Thomas Brown Io: Magown Thomas Fofter
Andrew Duncom Robert Stewart Alexander Hay George Mafon Iames Diel George Chambers
Jo: Rotherford Alexander Ogilby John Brown David Douglas Iohn Iohnfon William Meinzie
Major Sterlin Alexander Askin George Bofewel Jo: Macrawe Peter Maclagholm Robert Stewart
David Crimfeed Refermado Alexander Hay Gabriel Maxwel John Mitchel Iames Stewart
Pat. Hardy George Abercromy Robert Gibb Pat: Craighenhelr Alex: Fleming Robert Wood
Walton Kern James Urquhart Reformade Alexander Watfon William Kyle Tho: Williamfon Robert Millen
Hugh Mackey Adam Coots Iams Heartley James Wood Iohn Saints Iohn Brown
William Askin Will: Krinimund Edward Fylk Gilbert Mackneil Alexander Kemp David Iohnftone
  James Melam Reformade Iohn Lyddal Patrick Kinroe Robert Boyd Io: Lemington
   Captains to Horfe Jo: Forehead Reformade Iams Gibb Will Cunningham Iohn Charters Alexander Forbes
  James Blayer Walter Baron William Kennedy Ralf Walker Iohn Hume, wounded
Alexander Bruce Robert Stewart Reformade Iohn Strayton Io: Bofewel Iohn Ogston Io: Hamilton
Robert Ker David Achifon Reformade Philip Crawl Alexander Lyon Iames Petticrew Thomas Ogilby
Robert Buchanan Thomas Gorden Alexander Murray Io: Thompfon Walter Mill Alexander Lockard
Patrick Gerfhore Iames Forbes wounded Pamel Cambel Hector Munroe Nathaniel Harlaw Iames Welch
Archibold Elliot Robert Matlin Gentleman of Note William Stewart Robert Sleigh Iohn Gyler Io: Gofton
Thomas Crawford Io: Scot Alexander Ker Iohn Kerine Iohn Hay William Matthew
George Mackadan Io: Nubet George Gordon Thomas Kerine Iohn Molyfon Lyon Turner
Ales: Montgomery Andrew Arnet Reformade Thomas Brokefield W: Urquhart, Gent Bat. Hamilton Thomas Dowle
Robert Montgomery Ja: Blaker Iohn Livingfton Thomas Fowl William Dobbie Allen Macakyn
Sir Plilip Enftruther   Iohn Wilfon     Io: Wilfon
Roger Mountain   Iohn Mackerter      

A Lift of the Kings Domeftique Servants


  Anthony Jackfon, Gentleman of his Privy Chamber Thomas Lyfle, Barber Robert Blagloy
  Doctor Cunningham, Phyfician. Ja: Shaw Yoeman to the Carriages William Cloyd
  Thomas Freeman Gentleman Ufher. William Hister Jo: Wallice
  Mr. Chute Apothecary Geo Moray and Matthew Clerk, Coachmen David Leech
  Mr. Mufhie, Mr. Sayers, Master-Cooks George Avery Sumpter-man    Chirurgeons
  Mr. Peachery Harbenger Richard Kelley and Jo: Forbes, Footmen Adam Darlie
  M. Sheperd Chaundry Jo: Williamfon, Poftillion Jo: Forreft Chirurgeon to Duke Hamilton
  Mr. Wilkery of the Spicery James Allifon, Groom Robert Kendy to Lieut. General Middleton
  Jo: George Catherer M. Thomas Bray Groom of the Bed-Chamber Walter Roffe to Lieut. General Lefley
  Mr. Furnace Sadler Thomas Lifence Mayor of Worcefter Jo: Davis, Thomas Hall, Jo Chafe, Apothecaries
  Mr. Filk Mr Ja Bridges Sheriff  
  Mr. Harding    Minifters    Secretaries
  Jo: Davis Chirugeon Robert Mercer Mr. Richard Franfhaw, Secretary to the King
  Thomas Hall James Merk  
  Alexander Hill Andrew Macgee    Staff-Officers
  Geo: Arnor, Page Jo: Cartres James Moor Commiffary of Provifions

F I N I S.

Source: The Thomason Tracts on microfilm at either Emory University Research Library, Atlanta, GA or the University of Georgia Research Library, Athens GA.