Abernathy Document

Land Ordered to Robert Abernathy

Ordered to
Robert Abernathy

Thomas Parrum's Land
Aria 100 Acres alias

Robert Abernathy's Land

one fourth part
fit for

Apr the 15 1711

Surveyed for Thomas Parrum a atract of Land lying on tyhe South Side of Sappone Creek adjoining Capt. Robt Munford's Land beginning at a Redd Oake
In the said Munford's line

From A to B West 10 North 100Poles

           B to C North 10 East 160 Poles

           C to D East 10 South 100 Poles

           D to A South 10 West 160 Poles along
Capt. Munford's line to beginning
Including one hundred Acres of Land Surveyed By
Robert Bolling

FHC Film 0033051

Surveyor's platt book, deeds, wills, inventories, and settlements of estates, 1711-1792 Author: Virginia. County Court (Prince George County)


Transcribed by Margaret Ogilvie