Abernathy Document

The Will of
Barbara A. Abernathy
Catawba County, NC
13 May 1884

I, Barbara A. Abernethy of County of Catawba and State of North Carolina, being of sound mind but aware of the uncertainty of life, do make, publish and declare this to be my last will and Testament. That is to say.
1st. I will that my executor herin after named provide for my body a decent burial suitable to my station in life and agreable to the wishes of my relatives & friedns and pay all funereal expenses and also all my just debts of whatsoever kind, and to whomsoever owing out of any monies that shall come into his hands as a part of my estate.
2nd. I devise unto Henry Abernethy, color'd, twenty acres of land bounded as follows: Beginning on D Roseman's line on the South Side of the Island Ford Road, and running east with the buplic road to a point opposite the High fiels, thence a Southerly course in the direction of the Hoyle Spring including said Spring if possible, thence a westerly course to D Roseman's lince, thence with said line to the beginning to have and to hold to this said Henry Abernethy (col'd) in fee simple absolute and free from all charge or incumberance.
3rd. I bequeath to R. P. Reinhardt in trust for the children of my deceased son John R. Abernethy one thousand eight hundred dollars, the said one thousand eight hundred to be charged on all my real estate except the devise in Item 2 above. And I direct the said R. P. Reinhardt to take charge of teh said legacy to the said children of my deceased son aforesaid, carefully managing the same and pay over to each child aforesaid his or her share of said legacy as each child shall arrive at the age of twenty-one . Also, the issue of such child as may die before reaching that age shall stand in his or her parents place and I disire said legacy to bear interest from the date of my death and in the judgment of the aforesaid trustee any legatee aforesaid need money for education or any other purpose, then the said trustee may pay to such legatee the interest on his or her share of the legacy aforesaid as it shall fall due but the principal must be kept intact until the eldest child arrive at sait age of twenty-one years where he or she shall receive his or her share and in a like manner shall the other legatees aforesaid recieve their legacy.
4th I devise and bequeath unto my daughter Susan A. Wilfong all my property both real and personal except the devise and bequest in Item 2 and the bequest in Item 3 above but I charge all the real estate she shall recieve with the payment of the bequest in Item 3 above.
Lastly, I declare all wills herefore made to be null and void, and I appoint my friend and kinsman R. P. Reinhardt my sole executor and cloth him with full power to properly settle up my estate and carry out the provisions of this my last will and testament. Barbara A. Abernathy (Seal)
Signed and acknowledge
in our presence this 13 day of May 1884
A. J. Deal
James H. Osburn

Source: Catawba County Will Book 2, p. 324-5, transcription ©2007 Elizabeth Ferguson